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Reading Level After Finishing Phonics Pathways
by Dolores G. Hiskes

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What reading level will your child be at when he has finished Phonics Pathways? Technically speaking, your child will be able to read anything in the English language--anything at all. But what he is able to read and what he is able to comprehend are two separate issues!

Your child's language sophistication and comprehension vocabulary will always determine his reading level, if by reading you also mean comprehending what you read and extracting meaning from it. A child with a complex, highly-developed vocabulary will naturally be able to read and enjoy books at a more complicated level than a child with a simple English vocabulary level, as with many ESL students. Of course vocabulary levels are no indication of I.Q.'s in ESL students--they are only a measure of these students' knowledge of the English language. Many brilliant foreign students coming to America must first read simple readers in order to get their skills up.

Another example: If someone gave you a book on brain surgery to read you would technically be able to read it, but you wouldn't comprehend it. Would you then go to a reading specialist for remedial lessons in comprehension, or would you go to medical school?

Students finishing Phonics Pathways will be able to read and understand anything in their comprehension vocabularies. To expand students' comprehension vocabularies, read to them--read, read, READ! Choose books with beautiful language beyond their current vocabularies, and explain what new words mean. Listen to quality CD's with classic stories on them that are well-read. Help develop their vocabularies and language sophistication in any way that you can! That is the best thing you can do for your child insofar as developing higher reading levels.

He will thank you forever! -- Dolores Hiskes

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