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Pyramid Reading ExercisesLetters into Syllable


"I have been amazed at how many words a five-year-old is able to sound out using your pyramid technique of adding syllables one by one until the child can read really big words. The reward for me is watching how excited the child is at reading these long words. The book is a wonderful combination of delightful repetition and 'grown-up' reading."

--Jessie Wise, author
The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education At Home


Pyramid: 4th Edition

Many students need extra help in learning how to track left-to-right with their eyes. Their eye muscles are not sufficiently developed to allow their eyes to move smoothly together from left to right across a page. Therefore, they experience difficulty in reading words even though they know the component letters, or in moving from words into connected reading.

These students need extra reading practice which gradually and systematically builds letters into words, and words into connected reading. This kind of reading practice develops and strengthens the eye-tracking skill which will allow them to read with ease and fluency, but it can be difficult to find. Pyramid provides this kind of practice with graduated "eyerobic" reading exercises--visual aerobics.

Every lesson in the first section of Pyramid begins by blending letters into words. These words are then built into sentences, beginning with one word centered on top of the page. Every subsequent line has added words, giving it the shape of a pyramid. Each lesson in this section develops a different skill and follows the basic format of Phonics Pathways, providing supplementary practice and reinforcement for those lessons. Pyramid is also very effective used alone, or with any other reading system.

Students should know letter sounds before beginning Pyramid, including all of the short-vowel sounds. They are then ready to begin reading the short-vowel pyramid exercises starting on page six.

Try a sample reading exercise from Pyramid:

See Sample Page: Short-Vowel Review

See Sample Page: Multisyllable Words

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"Pyramid is the solid cornerstone of my remedial reading tutoring with at-risk 8th graders. Their eyes light up with pleasure and confidence as they begin to smoothly read multisyllable words. There is significant improvement in their reading levels."

--Rich Szatkowski, Tutor, Jobs For Progress
Milwaukee, WI

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Pyramid 4th edition Reading Exercises

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