PHONICS TALK: The Dorbooks Newsletter
Volume 63 ~ May 2014
by Dolores G. Hiskes

PHONICS TALK: The Dorbooks Newsletter

by Dolores G. Hiskes

Volume 63, May 2014


For some time now teachers have been asking

when a digital edition of Phonics Pathways will

be ready so they can download some of the

lessons for their whole class. Since it can be

cost-prohibitive to buy a book for every student,

this certainly seems like a great solution.

Well, here it is!

One teacher said: *You should shout it from the

housetops that it can be downloaded and printed!

I also think many people might buy it to put on

an iPad, and share with students in her class.*



An elementary teacher in Japan wrote:

*Thank you for your amazing Phonics Pathways.
It is outstanding material! But the book is too
heavy for the kids to bring with them to school. So I
copied the Short Vowel section and made a little
booklet for them. But scanning the pages 92-248 is
turning out to be a nightmare, and I needed the
digital files that I can share with my class.*

*The on line chat with the Wiley staff in Singapore
resulted in us being sent a new link and directions
to create an ID. I was able to save and print and
make mini books for each student. The students
were thrilled with them!!!*

*We sincerely appreciate your support and wisdom.
All of your materials really make a difference in our
kids lives. When they see and clearly understand
the rules of the English language (as you explain
them) a light bulb goes on for them! So many
questions are cleared up. You are making these
Japanese children very happy and excited about the
intricacies of the English language. We are most grateful!*


I looked and looked some more, and then looked again.
I struck pay dirt when I asked my editor if this kind of
help was available in America as well. She gave a
resounding YES, and here is her reply:

*The best way for the customers to get help with such
issues with us is by having them go to There, click on the Live Chat
tab. In the resulting page, fill in the name and email
information, and then, from the drop down menu,
select the type of rep they desire to speak with.
Finally, click the Submit Request button. They will be
directed to a Live Chat rep accordingly to help address
their issue.*

Voila! Problem solved!


Reading Pathways will soon be available digitally as well.
Keep checking! The unique pyramid reading exercises in
this book bridge the gap between reading single words
and reading whole sentences. It's just too big a jump
for many children to move from reading single words
to whole sentences.

After all, just because we may know all the notes on
the piano does not mean we are ready to play an entire
sonata! After learning the notes we practice simple
chords and scales, gradually working up to more
complex material.

It's exactly the same thing with learning how to read:
You learn single letter sounds, then two-letter blends,
then single words, then simple phrases and sentences,
gradually progressing in complexity and difficulty.

Excerpts from Reading Pathways can be found at Just click on Reading
Pathways, then Excerpts, and in the lower right hand
of the page are links to sample lessons you can access.
(Lessons are in a pyramid format, which is difficult to
explain but very easy to understand once you see it!)


Accuracy in reading and spelling is so very important!
Here's an example of why this is so:

PHYLOGENY (Fy-LOJ-uh-nee): The evolutionary
development of a species, or a particular feature of an

PHILOGYNY (Phi-LOJ-uh-nee): A fondness of women

Enough said! I rest my case!

I hope Spring is as lovely where you are as it is here.
Flowers are everywhere, and as we are on the edge of
a marsh ducks come right up to our sliding glass door.
(Of course we buy duck food to sprinkle on the patio
and now they come with their new little babies to eat
and visit.) This passing of seasons is awesome and
beautiful to behold!

It's been great *talking* with you, and I'll try to get
newsletters out more frequently. Until then, stay safe
and stay well!

My best,

Copyright 2014 Dolores G. Hiskes
May be reprinted in entirety with reference to author

Copyright Dolores G. Hiskes 2014


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