PHONICS TALK: The Dorbooks Newsletter
Volume 54 ~ March 2012
by Dolores G. Hiskes


There are two reasons why today is special:

(1) My husband can finally begin to put weight on his right leg after his horrendous accident several months ago when he fell and broke his femur in four pieces. He now has two rods, varies screws and bolts, and four cables winding around everything holding it all in place, like flying buttresses. (Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus, and we CAN put Humpty-Dumpty back together again!)

(2) And at long last -- finally, finally -- the Phonics-Talk Blog is here!



The introductory issue of The Phonics-Talk Blog features a special exercise
called *Powerful Speaking!* to improve public speaking. It is fascinating to do
with a whole class, with about six students at a time. When I tried it with a
local middle school class recently the students were totally engaged and
absolutely loved it! And best of all you could instantly see the Improvement
in their speaking performance as well. It's a lot of fun as well as educational.
See what you think!



It also includes an edited article by Charles Richardson, founder/chairman of
The Literacy Council, that clearly explains why comparisons between phonics
and whole language are basically meaningless.

First published fifteen years ago, *Reading: Phonics vs. Whole Language*
is unfortunately still all too relevant today. And the beat goes on . . .




But perhaps most exciting of all is a FAQ section on the most frequently-asked
questions we've received together with a new slant on some old answers,
which you might find most useful.

It's only the first issue, and it's only a beginning. More posts and categories will
be added all the time, including (with time!) videos. There are links to add feedback.

I would mightily welcome your comments, opinions, and suggestions about our
new Phonics-Talk Blog, which might, just might, become the new format for the
Dorbooks Phonics-Talk Newsletter!

Check it out:




James Arruda Henry was illiterate all of his life. He finally learned how to read
at 92 years of age, and now at 96 has written his own book about it. Check out
"In a Fisherman's Language: An Autobiography" by Captain James Arruda Henry.

It's NEVER too late to learn how to read!


Enjoy your day -- I hope Spring is as lovely where you are as it is here in California.
We thrill to the incredibly beautiful clouds of pink cherry blossoms on all the trees
under the lovely blue sky, and feel simply glad to be alive.

Think of this: today is the oldest you've ever been, yet the youngest you'll ever be.
So enjoy this day, and this life, while they last!

Cheers to all,

Copyright Dolores G. Hiskes 2012


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