PHONICS TALK: The Dorbooks Newsletter
Volume 47 ~ May 16, 2011
by Dolores G. Hiskes





The 10th edition of Phonics Pathways and Phonics Pathways Boosters will soon arrive at our warehouse. Phonics Pathways is expected the middle of June, and Phonics Pathways Boosters shortly thereafter.

These books are ready to pre-order NOW! We will deliver them to you as soon as they arrive. All payments we receive will be held and not charged or cashed until the books actually ship.

The new Phonics Pathways will sell for $32.95, and Phonics Pathways Boosters will sell for $24.95. If both books are ordered together, the price is $52.00. Save over $5!

Other savings *specials* combined with Reading Pathways are shown at Check them out!

A summary of the two new books follows:




as before, but is expanded with many new features:

1-Pictures now illustrate every sound introduced, not just
the short sounds. (This has been requested for some time, and
will be especially helpful to beginners, those with learning
disabilities, or English language learners.)

2-Completely rewritten and expanded lessons for dividing
multisyllable words clarify this sometimes-tricky issue.

3-New pages of nonsense words are inserted after key lessons
and checkpoints to ensure that students actually use phonics
when reading. There is no better way to ensure that students
have learned the sound or spelling pattern being taught.

4-A unique Short Sheet of Vowels will soon become absolutely
indispensable for teaching or testing students, and used on a
daily basis.

5-The new Phonics Pathways has a beautiful new cover, with a
golden seal commemorating the 10th edition of this beloved
old classic.

PHONICS PATHWAYS BOOSTERS is a collection of special,
carefully-selected teaching aids and games that include the
complete Train Game and prime selections from WordWorks and
Blendit. All pages are on cardstock, ready to tear out and laminate.
A big plus is that the sound being learned is in a different
color, which greatly focuses learning and eases retention.

*Boosters* also features an all-new and much-requested product:
Sound-Spelling Flash Cards. This set of 46 double-sided
flash cards illustrates all of the sounds and spelling patterns
of English. These cards are unique in that they illustrate
sounds, not spellings, and include all possible spelling
variations of every sound, with sample words. Illustrations
on every card ensure correct pronunciation, and the spelling
of every sound is in a different color to facilitate learning.

And to top it all off, the Speaking Pathways CD is also included
in the Boosters book. Quite a big packet for such a small price!




Discounted prices on older stock will remain in effect until the current
stock is depleted. After that there will be no more.

Phonics Pathways (9th ed.) sells for $19.95 (not $29.95)
The complete WordWorks and Blendit are now $19.95 each (not $34.95)
The Train Game now sells for $5.95 (not $12.95)
The Speaking Pathways CD sells for $5.95 (not $14.95)




Our young granddaughter is raising funds for the nonprofit she is
involved in (*Pencils of Promise*) which helps children all over the
world in so many ways, including teaching them how to read.

To help Austenne I am holding a raffle for one complete set of
72 decodable readers donated from the Family Literacy Centers,
valued at $140. A sample book can be downloaded from:

Free lesson plans for the first six books are also available:

To find out more about *Pencils of Promise* visit Austenne's page
at <>

Additionally, I am also raffling off a copy of any of my own books,
plus a complete set of games. A wealth of teaching goodies!

If interested, go to Austenne's "Pencils of Promise" page and
donate $5 -- but when writing your name down, PUT THE LETTERS
*PP* IN BEFORE YOUR FIRST NAME! That's how Austenne will
know your name should go in the drawing.

Austenne will copy these names down on pieces of paper, put
them in a box, and draw two names to find the lucky winners.
The prizes will soon be speeding on their way to their new owners!

Both winner's names will be posted in a follow-up newsletter
from Phonics-Talk.





Puzzle: How come some children who are able to focus so intently for
long periods of time on video games and television frequently have
attention and comprehension issues at school?

An article in the NYTimes dated May 10, 1011 clearly illustrates how
the kind of concentration children bring to video games & television
is not the kind they need to thrive in school.

If a child's brain gets habituated to a fast pace and to the extreme
alertness needed to keep responding and winning, with frequent
rewards, the child may ultimately find the realities of the world
underwhelming and
. It is hypothesized that if their
dopamine reward circuitry is deficient, the brain's reward from games
& t.v. may be the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Indeed, one study found that when children with A.D.H.D. were treated
with Ritalin (which increases dopamine activity in the brain) they played
video games less. A suggestion is that video games might serve as a
kind of self-medication for these children.

While children with A.D.H.D. were able to recall facts from the stories
they watched just as well as other children, there was a difference in
their ability to understand the narrative. Comprehension and recall
tended to fall down.

Just another piece in the ongoing puzzle of comprehension issues!




Finally, I had to share a two-hankie letter I received from a customer:

*I'm looking forward to the new edition. I give your book to all my
nieces and nephews for their fourth birthdays. My two daughters
learned to read beautifully with your book. I can't keep my second
grader in books, she reads so much! My kindergartener reads very well.
We're not sure what level she is on but she does great. (I love doing
the reading pyramids with her!)

*My son is finally understanding the concept that letters and sounds
go together to make words. He's five and I've gone slower with him
because I believed it was a maturation thing. And now I think he's
finally ready!

*And finally me! I've always done very well in school, but was a terrible
speller (usually was the second person eliminated in spelling bees).
Since working with my children in your book, MY spelling has improved.
Incredible, isn't it?*

How lucky am I do be doing what I love that is of help to other people?
Those were tears of joy!

We hope you are enjoying the slowly-freshening, softer weather, with
Spring in the air. Not there yet? To quote MacBeth, *If it be not now,
it will be. If it be not soon. it still will be. The 'when' is all!*

Warmly, Dolores

Copyright Dolores G. Hiskes 2011


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