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from Phonics Pathways by Dolores G. Hiskes

Consonants and Two-Letter Blends
Now we shall learn some CONSONANTS, and combine them with vowels to make two-letter blends. (A consonant is any letter that is not a vowel.)

Being able to blend letters together is a new skill. It may not be easy at first, but it is very important. This is the step that will train your eye muscles to track (move) together smoothly from left to right across the page, and read whole sentences and books. Blending practice is really good exercise - it is like aerobics for the eyes. In fact, let's call it "eyerobics" because that is exactly what it is - eye-robics - exercises for the eyes!

Eyerobics begins with seventeen pages of two-letter blends, continues with single words, two-word phrases, and finally sentences of slowly increasing complexity. Long words are read by syllables (that is, the smallest parts a word can be broken into - usually two or three-letter blends). You will be able to read the longest word in the whole world, syllable by syllable - without guessing. Just as we build bricks to make houses, we build syllables to make words. And we build words to make books!

Take all the time you need to work through this section, until you are able to blend these sounds easily and effortlessly. It will make subsequent learning so much faster - and so much more enjoyable, as well!

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Table of Contents
Getting Started
Short Vowel Sounds
Three Letter Words
Spelling Sampler
Vision Exercises


Try This!

Working from left to right across the page: read the vowel sound, then read the consonant and vowel sounds separately. Now take a deep breath and read these two sounds again, this time blending them smoothly together: "sssssaaaa". Continue with the rest of the vowels, and then try this review at the bottom.



is-i si