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Recent awards for DORBOOKS, Inc. and Phonics Pathways!

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Cathy Duffy Award

Noted author Cathy Duffy has once again included Phonics Pathways as a "Top Pick" in her homeschooling resource, "100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum 2012," published by Grove Publishing.

Phonics Pathways has just won the "Best Phonics Program" honor from The Old Schoolhouse for 2004, bringing the total first-place wins from them to three. We are very honored to receive this award from this very effective and highly-regarded homeschool magazine!

New for January 2007! Phonics Pathways has just received another national first-place award -- it was chosen by *Homeschooling Parent* to receive their *Homeschool Friendly Stamp of Approval Award* for reading and phonics in 2006. This Stamp is reserved for extraordinary products and services. Only one Stamp of Approval is given to certain categories of selected recipients, whose products have truly risen up and above their industry peers. Recipients are selected based on the superiority of the product or service they provide, and the award is based strictly on merit.

2003 Old Schoolhouse Award2003 Award

best reading program

2001 Old Schoolhouse AWard2001 Award

Excerpted from The Old Schoolhouse, by Gena Suarez, Publisher:

Dolores Hiskes probably puts out the best possible "learn to read quickly program" for new (and struggling) readers that I have seen yet. She has made it easy for us. You have absolutely everything at your fingertips to teach your child to read. This is a full reading program at a fraction of the price of other large programs.

Plus it's FUNNY. After Levi had explained to me what it meant for a big fat duck to be sitting on a back deck, I was ready to let him stop for the day, but he said, "Can we do one more?"...

Read the rest of this review in The Old Schoolhouse

YES Reading program Phonics Pathways is Core Textbook
in Highly-Acclaimed YES Reading Program

Phonics Pathways is the core textbook used in the YES Reading Program, in which children of all cultures learn how to read in English. See their website, and meet the volunteer tutors! Meet Jose, who was in special education before being tutored and at the end of only five weeks was mainstreamed into the regular classroom and became the second-best reader in the class...

Visit their site at YES Reading

From Mary Pride, publisher of Practical Homeschooling Magazine:

"The readers of Practical Homeschooling magazine have voted your product (Phonics Pathways) a winner in our annual Reader Awards! You are tied for first place in the Phonics category of the 2002 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards."

"Being a Practical Homeschooling Reader Award winner is the highest honor the homeschool community can bestow. It reflects actual customer-satisfaction with your product. Readers score each product on a scale from 1 to 10, and this year our winners had a satisfaction average of about 8 out of 10."

education clearinghouse phonics pathways first place

Excerpted from Education Clearinghouse:

"Phonics Pathways was a refreshing find! This book has so much crammed into 238 pages, that it is simply astonishing! From the very first page, you engage in hands on learning experiences that are designed for you to see fast growth and development. It starts you off with the easiest of all rules and then works into the complex as you go. From the very first chapter it is working on accuracy in spelling and reading.

The book is witty, fun, with a multisensory design, which is both invigorating and easy to use. Each step builds from the previous one and by following these steps, your child (or adult student) will find it easy to continually show success in reading and spelling. There is nothing more encouraging to a student then seeing success and progress. These are two of the key factors that Phonics Pathways uses...." Read the complete review.

Visit their site at Education Clearinghouse

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